Daryoush Mortazavi


Daryoush coordinates VirtualBeam outreach to Company's Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Angel Investors. He is a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur and private equity investor in high-tech start-ups and in real estate. Daryoush has worked at Seagate Technologies, Cisco Systems, and was Director of Operations at Vertical Networks in 1997-2000. He has served as a member of the board of directors at several US Corporations. Daryoush holds an MSEE from Columbia University.



Masoud founded VirtualBeam® in 2010.  He has a passion for applying technology to improve human life and to share that vision with the world.  This includes his leading the development of mobile-phone applications, to wearable patient monitoring systems, to digital scanners which enabled paperless banking.  His professional experience in directing technology as CEO, CTO, VP or Director of Engineering spans over two decades.  Masoud has extensive experience with US and European companies in the design of mobile embedded applications, distributed systems and mobile networks.  He has served as an executive in the successful growth of Silicon Valley companies and research centers including Yipes acquired by Reliance, Five9 (IPO 2014), Kemm, and Anoymix.  Previously he served in similar capacities at AT&T, Sprint ATL, Corventis Medical, European Space Agency, SoftLab acquired by BMW, and Andronic Artificial Intelligence. Masoud is the recipient of numerous patents and awards.  He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Technische Universität Wien, in Vienna.