VirtualBeam®, a leader in building advanced software technologies that improve the quality of life, offers a comprehensive software package, the  e  |  m o t i o n™ product-line. Our product-line has unique hardware specifications, scientific algorithms and reference designs that build a small brain on the mobile device to enhance understanding of motion and emotion. 

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VirtualBeam® motion engine adds intelligence to the hardware device by mapping user sense of movement. The engine recognizes even the finest movement through split-second motion recognition capability. 

VirtualBeam® emotion engine adds to the motion engine's unique features by making hardware devices smarter and savvier to model activity in association with objects of interest.


The motion and emotion engines have a small footprint and fully fit on the hardware, reducing overall system response time while eliminating dependency on external and costly data processing. User-friendly interface and flexible architecture enable the development of thousands of new products, services and applications for mobile devices.  

 M O T I O N

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e m o t i o n

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