Masoud founded VirtualBeam® in 2010.  He has a passion for applying technology to improve human life and to share that vision with the world.  This includes his leading the development of mobile-phone applications, to wearable patient monitoring systems, to digital scanners which enabled paperless banking.  His professional experience in directing technology as CEO, CTO, VP or Director of Engineering spans over two decades.  Masoud has extensive experience with US and European companies in the design of mobile embedded applications, distributed systems and mobile networks.  He has served as an executive in the successful growth of Silicon Valley companies and research centers including Yipes acquired by Reliance, Five9 (IPO 2014), Kemm, and Anoymix.  Previously he served in similar capacities at AT&T, Sprint ATL, Corventis Medical, European Space Agency, SoftLab acquired by BMW, and Andronic Artificial Intelligence. Masoud is the recipient of numerous patents and awards.  He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Technische Universität Wien, in Vienna. 

Arthur HSI

COO and VP of Operations

Arthur leads corporate operations and engineering program management at VirtualBeam.  He has over 20 years of experience in software development and off-shore hardware manufacturing in the consumer and commercial high-tech industry in Silicon Valley.  Arthur's executive and management positions include Director of Product at Pie Digital where he managed the development of a disruptive technology solution, leading to series "A" funding, and GM and Director at Sony where he was instrumental in launching Sony's VAIO PC and Notebook flagship products for North America, Latin America and Canadian markets.  Arthur helped secure investments in the first PC-PC Bluetooth technology start up.  He started his career as an aerospace engineer at Lockheed where he designed and delivered high valued electronic hardware for the US Space program.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis, and has done extensive post-graduate work at Cornell and Stanford Universities in Financial Analysis, Marketing and Operations.


Chief Mathematician 

Dariush leads the Math and Science Team at VirtualBeam.  Dariush previously developed Computer Aided Architectural Design Systems at various Silicon Valley companies.  He has worked extensively on NP-Hard algorithms for Chip and PCB design, as well as on Signal Integrity design.  He worked at Nvidia, Knowlent, Mentor Graphics, and IBM.  Dariush was a member of the Consulting Staff at Cadence.  In his spare time, he continues to experiment with new algorithms such as combinatorial optimization, networking, routing, placement and graphical representation and the analysis of Big Data.  Dariush has academic degrees in Civil Engineering, Architectural Design, and Urban Design.


Vice President of Software Development

Sadri leads the Software Development team at VirtualBeam.  He has held various positions in software engineering and management at Samsung Electronics, TradeBeam, Kemm, and Pie Digital where he was System Architect.  Sadri has over 15 years of experience in software design, architecture and distributed systems with a focus on building large-scale transaction processing services, web applications, embedded systems, and in launching cloud services for tier-1 carriers.   He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Utah State University.

Anoosh ABDY

Chief Scientist 

Anoosh is a passionate computer software algorithm developer focusing on consumer electronic mobile devices.  He is a former software engineer at Freescale/Motorola.  Anoosh is an expert at Windows, Linux, EDA, QA testing, and Python programing.  He has worked in electronic CAD and holds a patent in image processing.  He has used “Home Brew” cryptography for messaging between the phone and server and works extensively with OpenGL processes.  Anoosh received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics from Arizona State University.


Systems Engineer

Arash works on algorithms, analytics, platform/hardware management, and software projects.  He has extensive experience in modeling physical systems using MatLab.  Arash has a few remaining units to complete his master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly State University.


Creative Director

Mitra enjoys game design, animation, illustration and graphic design.  Before joining VirtualBeam, she worked for Mixamo, and continues to work at PlayStudios as an Art Director.  Mitra has a degree in character animation from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.